Hong Kong-style bakery


Patisserie Cocobun is the first Hong Kong-style bakery to open in downtown Montreal, beginning with the opening of its Guy-Concordia location in 2010, followed by the Atwater location in 2012. Cocobun Berri-UQAM was the last one to open in 2017. Now with these three locations across downtown Montreal, Patisserie Cocobun aims to deliver a wide variety of delicious, freshly-baked and budget-friendly baked goods and pastries to Montrealers from all walks of life.


Among its offerings are the very much celebrated Hong Kong egg tarts, BBQ pork buns (“char siu bao”), pineapple buns (“bor lo bao”), and cocktail buns (“guy mei bao”). At Pâtisserie Cocobun, we also offer easily the most famous drink out of Asia, bubble tea, also called pearl tea or boba tea. Customers can also find bread loaves of all kind to bring home, and cakes to celebrate all kinds of occasions.

Our Products

Our bakeries feature a large variety of sweet and salty baked goods, cakes to celebrate all sorts of occasions, and a variety of Bubble Tea flavours, coffee and tea.


Our Happy Customers